Todd County Adds Addition to Klein School

Nestled near the few houses of a settlement known as Hidden Timber, southeast of Mission, sits one of the finest examples of small school education in the state.

Klein School – so named for one of the earliest families to come to the area – has endured decades of close calls from those wishing to close its doors.

The student achievement it has produced keeps it not only on course but prospering with Janen Epke having taught at the little school for 30 years and as Head Teacher the last 25.

State statistics showed the school number one in achievement and attendance for the Todd County School District.

Klein School began as a one-room country schoolhouse.

But as the student population continued to grow because of its reputation, space was at a premium.

Student Christmas Programs and Eighth Grade Achievements, always attended by every family whose child was a student there, resulted in a lot of people being crammed into a very small space.

In 2015, the current school board said, “Enough” and construction began on an addition, which would house a kitchen, bathrooms and a gym with plenty of room for classes in it.

Klein students are extremely happy with their new “digs” and parents and community members agree.