Native American Day Program Presented at Stanley County

Students and community members in Stanley County  attended the district’s first Native American Day program this fall.

Attendees in Parkview Gymnasium for the program viewed Native American items including quilts, a buffalo robe and medicine wheels and were treated to a live drum crew performance and two talented speakers.

“We were privileged to host our speaker Sid Bad Moccassin and a poet Blaine Nordvold,” Stanley County PE and Health Teacher, and Event Organier, Lex Heathershaw said.

“They did a great job presenting to our school.”

Heathershaw said it was the goal of the district’s Native American committee to bring a better understanding of Native American culture to our students and community here at Stanley County.

“We hope that our program provided people with a good experience and gave them a clear vision to what Native American background is all about,” Heathershaw said.

We hope that our students take away a better understanding of Native American culture and history.”

The program accomplished the committee’s goal with thoughts now turned towards the future.

“The program was a success and was received very well by all members and people in attendance,” Heathershaw said. “It is something we can use to build on and will look to continue this in the future.”