Lemmon’s Cowboys and Cowgirls Have New Ride

The Cowboys and Cowgirls of Lemmon have a new ride to and from activities.

In February the district leased a 52-passenger, activity bus to replace their previous transportation model, a yellow school bus with activity seats and under storage.

“The motivation was that our other activity bus was not running well and was costing a lot of money for upkeep,” Business Manager Anita Stugelmeyer said.

Lemmon’s activity transportation has sufficient storage under the bus, as well as storage over the seats for small items, and features high back seats, six small TV screens and one large one up front, two USB ports and a plug in for every two seats and shades that can be pulled down if students want to sleep.

The new activity bus will transport students in sport, music and other activities, which getting to and from can result in many miles on the road and a need for reliable travel.

“The students and their parents are very excited,” Stugelmeyer said.

“We now have a sound bus to transport the students to and from the activities.”