Dupree Project Paints a Picture

The Dupree School After School Program offered Dupree High School students an opportunity to get involved artistically by painting a unique chalkboard mural.

The purpose of the project was to get more high school students involved in participating in after school activities and to also have a location in the school showcasing school events by announcing activities, congratulating students on their successes and welcoming the public.

Last year high school students worked on an “interactive chalkboard” project with Art Instructor Jessie Longbrake.

Students began the project by turning a brick wall into a flat paintable surface by applying joint compound and sanding it smooth to prepare wall for paint. The students used acrylic paint markers, which gave them the freedom to create amazing details. The chalkboard mural designed by the students features many different origins of actual students who attend the Dupree School.

“The month long after school project was an awe-inspiring opportunity for students to leave their mark on the school,” Dupree Business Manager Connie Alspach said.

Enthusiasm was piqued among students, who are expressing interest in doing a number of smaller murals throughout the school to tie in with the original project.

The district received a NIISA Stepping Stone Grant that was utilized this year for a project titled “Mural – Mural on the Walls ~ Pride & Culture Tells it All.”

Through the mural project, students are able to connect and interact with an artist who mixes heritage & artwork in a distinctive way.  The approach will then allow students to paint “real students”; either themselves or classmates on the school building walls illustrating pride in their roots.

“Both project activities have allowed us to bring arts to our school community,” Alspach said.

“Students have been given an opportunity to demonstrate pride in their culture, pride in their art work, pride in their school and an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments to their parents/guardians, our community and visitors.”