Woonsocket Pays Tribute to Veterans

Each year, students in the Woonsocket School District pay tribute to the Americans most deserving of it.

For roughly 15 years the school and community have come together in the district’s gym to honor and recognize all Veterans as part of the Veteran’s Day Program.

“I never leave the program without feeling so much pride in our students, our Veterans and our Country,” Woonsocket Vice Chair Lisa Snedeker said.

“It is wonderful to be a part of a school and community that places so much value in honoring the people who dedicate their lives to our freedom.”

Legion members begin the program with Presentation of the Flag followed by sixth grade students – the student leaders of the program – demonstrating the flag folding and performing creative skits the class put together. The sixth graders also sing “American Tears” while a slide show depicting scenes of soldiers is displayed.

Kindergarten students sing, and sign, “Proud to Be An American” along with sign language and the high school band and chorus perform patriotic songs. Elementary students make posters that line the gym and hallways and the older students write essays.

“The program honors the veterans from our local community and students have an opportunity to learn a few things from the veterans when they talk about what branch they served in and what they did,” Snedeker said.

“It is incredible to hear from them about what branch of the military they served in and sometimes they share a little about their experiences.”

Area Veterans have expressed deep appreciation for the work the students put into the program.

“I have seen many of them with tears in their eyes and they choke up as they try to say how much it means to them that we honor and recognize them in the community,” Snedeker said.

It makes us all stop and think about the sacrifices they made for us by dedicating their lives to protect our freedom and serve our country.”