Webster Area Staff Support Worthy Cause

To support their local Veterans programs, Webster Area School District staff donned denim.

Webster Area staff members raised funds as part of the first ever Denim Days for Veterans.

“With Veterans Day drawing near, and learning that veteran service volunteers sometimes personally provide veterans with needed items, Webster Area School Staff wanted to help,” Webster Area High School Librarian Angie Garry said.

In order to wear denim on certain Friday’s during the school year, the staff donated funds; eventually raising $1,675 to provide to local Veterans programs.

In an effort to show our support to our local veterans, the staff collected donations for this worthy cause,” Garry said, adding that the district plans to hold the fundraiser again next year.

The support shown by the staff amazed those involved with the veterans programs.

Day County Veterans Service Officer Kevin Bohn said he was stunned,” Garry said. “He said that it was gratifying to come home and help the veterans in Day County.”