Tea’s Frontier Elementary Front and Center with Design

Tea Area School District holds a foundational goal for Future Titan Graduates to be civic leaders engaged in the community through action and service.

Students at Tea’s Frontier Elementary have actively engaged in being future civic leaders and third grade students painted a picture of their active engagement.

With the integration of art a focus for the project, students took part in Sioux Falls’ Paint the Plow competition.

The students’ design focused on “We are all one family here at Frontier” which reflected their diversity and goal of watching out for one another. This reflection is supported by mixed grade level seating at lunch, cross-grade level buddies and recess teams.

“We also love the collaborative aspect that this project brings to the students each year as they work on the design and the painting,” Tea Area Frontier Elementary School Principal Kristi Nelson said.

The collaboration paid off as Frontier’s plow won Sioux Falls’ Paint the Plow competition.

“They were thrilled! Our staff was thrilled, also,” Nelson said.

Frontier was the first elementary outside of the Sioux Falls school district to be chosen as winners and was featured in the Parade of Lights providing Frontier students, families and the District as a whole a sense of pride.

We hope they take away a sense pride and accomplishment on a job well done,” Nelson said.