STEAM Team Stands Out in Parker

Parker School District is on a modified 4-day school week with Fridays reserved for student-help time in the morning and teacher in-service in the afternoon.

Beginning last year, Parker Technology Coordinator Marci Leberman started a club called the STEAM Team, which is offered to all students in the fifth through eighth grades this year.

“We do any projects dealing with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math,” Leberman said.

Students worked on Popsicle bridges with a competition date of April 7 at the school.

“We learned about different types of bridges and what makes them strong,” Leberman said. “They are now taking that knowledge and building their own Truss bridges.”

Parker fifth graders also completed a unit on electricity and circuits with an electrical engineer brought in to teach students some background on electricity.

“We are working on scratch programming with the Makey Makey circuit boards and making all sorts of magic happen!” Leberman said.

Last year, students in the program designed and built cardboard guitars, created programs in the coding program Scratch, played music on the guitars and penny bridges and spaghetti towers.

“The kids have a great time doing these projects,” Leberman said. “It’s fun to see them thinking of different ways to accomplish a goal.”