Community Comes Through in Rutland

When Rutland School District needed an assist, the community was there to make the pass.

Needing to replace all the scoreboards in the gym to meet the new shot-clock regulation, as well as having one scoreboard malfunctioning, the district mailed out a letter to the community and spread the word the district was buying new scoreboards and shot clocks.

The district decided to do “donor recognition” plaques and advertisements on the new scoreboards to help offset the cost and offset they did.

District patrons and local businesses really stepped up and donated enough money that they are completely paid for without anything coming from our budget,” Superintendent Peter Books said.

“I was really impressed with how dedicated the community was to helping us”

Donators included: First Bank and Trust, Mustang Seeds, Breske Crop Insurance, Klassy Electric, Inc., Citizens Bank-Sinai, Helena, The Rutland Booster Club, CHS/Eastern Farmers, Tim and Kim Breske Family, Overski Seeds, Rutland Alumni, Lakeco Crop Services, Inc., F & M Co-Op Oil, DCJ Jaton Bale Wrapping, TNT Construction, The Truck Washout, Sparkle & Sass Boutique, Strenge Farms, The Eggebraaten Family, The Nunda Bar and Grill, Troy and Erika Powell Family, Tutsch Trucking, and Jon and Dawn Klassy Family.

The district unveiled the new scoreboards in November with student athletes stopping in the gym while the old scoreboards were being taken down and the new scoreboards put up.

Along with the new scoreboards going up, so too did the community’s excitement.

The entire community was extremely excited for our new scoreboards and recognition boards,” Books said. “A number of community members mentioned what an exciting time for Rutland is was!”