Family Night Fun at Groton Area

The third annual Family Night was held at the Groton Area Middle and High School Gym and Arena on this fall.

Family Night originally started as a replacement for Open House, previously held the day before school started each fall. Open House did not and cannot offer all of the opportunities and benefits, which have been incorporated into Family Night.

“Parents and students often visit the school for a variety of athletic events and other activities,” Middle and High School Principal Dr. Anna Schwan said, “but I’d like to have them come to the school together for our most important mission: academic purposes.”

“That is the main goal of Family Night. We want to highlight what the teachers do here; what the students learn here.”

Students shared with their parents the various projects and activities they were involved in while other students might be involved in instrumental and vocal presentations.

Each middle and high school teachers was involved in some way, with all of them having a “booth” of sorts to showcase their students and their work. Teachers used computers, their Smart Boards, or displaying work handed in for special assignments.

Tours of the middle and high school building were offered for people to see the old part of the building and take a look at the plans for updating and improving the facility.

The night was a positive experience for attendees, as there were at least fifteen post-secondary representatives in attendance, which was convenient for the parents and students, school shirts, jackets and other items of clothing were sold and a performance of the all-school play: The Blithe Spirit, was performed.